honoring librarians with messages of resilience.

We the Librarians are standing together, sending messages of support to our colleagues facing adversity. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for positive interaction within our profession as we champion our students' right to read. This project was developed by Christopher Harris with support from Rosen Publishing.

Tell the Story of Librarianship

This free ebook from Libraries.Today, an IMLS funded grant project helps us share the value that We the Librarians bring to our schools and communities.

How this Works

We the Librarians connects school librarians so they can send messages of support to other librarians who need to hear that we as a profession are standing together. To keep costs down, it helps if you can organize a group of folks to send cards. When you sign up to send cards, we will send you cards and envelopes in packs of 10. And we definitely appreciate you adding the stamp!

Are you a school librarian in a district facing challenges? In addition to the big-picture work we are all doing around advocacy and education, we thought it might help for you to receive a card from a colleague expressing our shared support.

Want to help send cards?

Thank you to Rosen Publishing

For over 70 years, Rosen Publishing has served the needs of K–12 students with high-interest, curriculum-correlated materials. We believe that learning to read and access to books and information are fundamental human rights. We stand shoulder to shoulder with librarians worldwide to create empowered, democracy-ready citizens. Together we are stronger.